Reclaimed wood


The Green Choice

From sourcing our domestic wood from Appalachian Forests (Southern Virginia, Northern and Western North Carolina) to procuring our exotic wood from responsible flooring mills, Accent Hardwood Flooring, Inc. is committed to sustaining our environment and forests.

Reclaimed flooring is an excellent choice for your flooring. Reclaimed flooring reduces landfill waste, reuses existing old growth products, and recycles them into beautiful works of art. Wood flooring has been and continues to be the “green choice” for the environmentally conscious consumer. See Wood Flooring, The Green Flooring Choice.

For an in depth look at the environmental and green choice impact of wood flooring, read Wood Flooring and the Environmentally Conscious Buyer, Flooring the Rainforest and “Green” Flooring and Domestic Species.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

The finest wood in the world is sculpted by the elements of nature. Wood is reclaimed from mills, factories, tobacco barns, and even from the bottoms of lakes and rivers for it’s timeless beauty and ageless charm. Many reclaimed products come from century old textile mills and factories built during the Industrial Revolution using 300-400 year old Longleaf Heart Pine.

Other types of wood comes from fascinating historical structures-harnessing the beauty and strength of wood that has been naturally aged, distressed, and weathered, making flooring that is exclusive and unique. The common thread is that all of these structures were going to be torn down and their materials discarded. By reclaiming the wood, we not only create beautiful flooring, but preserve historically significant artifacts that would otherwise be destroyed. Reclaimed flooring is proof that “Beauty comes with age.”

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Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

There are several reasons why you may be intrigued with using reclaimed wood for the interior finishes of your home, office, or retail outlet:

  • A floor made from antique wood has a unique beauty and defining character that cannot be found in newly sawn timber.
  • Recycling wood is an environmentally responsible alternative to cutting down trees.
  • Reclaimed wood has been transformed by nature and time into something unique that links us to our past.
  • Only the most stable timbers were used to build the original structures, supporting them for sometimes hundreds of years; so, you can be confident of the wood?s continued stability in the next phase of its life as a floor.
  • Some wood, such as the American Chestnut, can only be found through reclaimed resources.

Reclaimed Flooring reduces landfill, reuses existing old growth products, and recycles them into beautiful works of art.